Arc Fault Breakers

Arc Fault circuit breakers protect the cause of electrical fire within the home, these breakers are installed in the main serves panel and shut-off when an arc fault is detected. Yearly there are numerous fires that are caused by arc faults in the home. These Arc faults are one of the causes of electrical fires. Normal breakers will not trip during an Arc Fault situation, typical breakers shut-off when large amounts of current exceeds the rated current of the breaker. Arc Faults are caused by a breaking within the wiring system of your home due to new construction installation or by a new home renovation, or even by frayed wiring in a extension cord. Within the break of the electrical wiring system, unwanted Arcing occurs and this will create high temperature and ignite anything surrounding it to ignite.

These Arc Faults fires have led to many injuries and even caused deaths. Arc Fault Circuit interupters are now reguired by code in living rooms and bedrooms. Many homes in Orange County do not have these devices installed, So it would be wise to hire an electrician to have these installed. This is certainly not a task for a home owner to attempt, always hire a professional to install electrical devices. Your local Orange County Electrician can help Electrician Services has the qualified electricians to fulfill your needs.

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