Maintenance The Electrical Devices In Your Home

In 1970 a new type of electrical connection was introduced. Stab-lock receptacles and switches became the typical devices used to speed up the installing process for electricians.  Stab-lock connections are a bad termination for your electrical wiring. Every wire connection through your home needs to be a solid connection. Stab-lock devices have small holes on the back of the device where wiring is “stabbed” to the back of the device. In the small holes is a small metal filament that holds the wiring in place.

After years of electricity expanding and contracting the connection on these devices work themselves loose. A loose connection in any wiring system eventually arcs and heats up the device connected to it, which will create a electrical hazard. It is important that homes get inspected at least every year to make sure that the electrical system is up to date and according to code. These connections If your home was built around that time and no maintenance on the electrical system has been done.

Stab-lock connections cause the most power outages in your home. When one device burns out, the other devices end up with no power. It is a good idea to replace the devices through out your home correctly to avoid any electrical hazards in the future. Electrician Services your local Orange County Electrician can help.

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